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  •   10 Jul 2017   Posted By Angel B.   87 Favs   0 Comments

    Things To Carry In Your Wallet

    Have you ever noticed how many different things women tend to keep in their purses? At any given time, your girlfriend may be carrying around 35 items over her shoulder. The typical man, however, does not have the luxury of toting everything but the kitchen sink around with him in a huge purse.

  •   26 Jul 2017   Posted By Todd S.   54 Favs   0 Comments

    Views On How To Buy The Ultimate Slim Leather Wallet For Men

    Men's wallets are as important to them as a bags are to ladies. Not only do they want them to be useful and well made, but they need to be stylish as well. After all, he will be the one taking that wallet out on a regular basis. The following are tips for buying the perfect slim leather wallet for men.

  •   23 Jul 2017   Posted By Suzanne L.   24 Favs   0 Comments

    Protecting Your Wallet and Handbag

    Your wallet probably holds access to your most private financial data, in the form of debit cards and credit cards, along with plenty of other personal details, contained in the various forms of ID you might keep there. If your wallet or purse are lost or stolen, this can have grave consequences.